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Are standardized tests required to be accepted into Edstutia?


Is Edstutia an accredited institution?

No. Frankly, the accreditation agencies are a big part of the problem in Higher Education. Their outdated rules and requirements prohibit innovation in education. In lieu of accreditation, our validation and proof points for a quality education lie in the fact that we have an Academic Advisory Board of industry leaders guiding our curriculum development. Edstutia is focused on teaching students relevant, in-demand skills so they can get a job in their desired field. Period.

Will I receive a diploma or a degree?

Students will not receive the typical paper document. They will receive digital certificates of completion for each module and for completing the full 2-year program. Students in the full-time program will also walk away with a digital portfolio showcasing everything they have learned, created, built. Being able to show employers your skills via tangible examples is more valuable than a piece of paper when it comes to the job search.

Can I just take one course or do I have to enroll in the full 2-year program?

Anyone can enroll in any module. To qualify for the full 2-year program, students will have to submit an application and complete the 30 modules. In return, those students will receive additional benefits, such as ownership of their digital portfolio, discounts on future Edstutia classes, access to a network of Edstutia grads and partners, and more.

What if I need financial assistance? What resources do you offer?

We are working on partnerships with leading FinTech companies to offer students loans with discounted rates. In addition, we are developing a sponsorship program to assist students in need.

How and when do I pay for tuition?

Tuition will be billed and collected on a quarterly basis. In order to enroll in an upcoming term, students need to first be cleared by paying tuition fees prior to the beginning of the term. For example, students wishing to enroll for the Q1 2022 term will be billed in Q4 2021. Auto payments directly through bank accounts will be available.

What are the requirements to enroll at Edstutia?

Incoming students should have a high school diploma and preferably some work experience. Most importantly, we look for students who demonstrate hustle, commitment, coachability, professionalism, and the hunger to learn.

Will my ‘credits’ transfer to other universities or colleges?

No. Therefore, if you are interested in attending a traditional graduate school, law school, medical school, etc., this program is not for you. Be sure to do your research and consider your long-term career goals.

What additional fees can I expect in addition to tuition?

None. You will not be purchasing expensive textbooks, cases, technology subscriptions, or pay for other mystery fees along the way.

What equipment do I need to participate in Edstutia modules?

A computer/laptop/tablet and an Oculus Quest headset. That’s it.

Do I need to be a United States citizen to enroll?


What if I have to take a break from completing the full-time program?

We will put your account on hold until you are ready to continue again.

Do you guarantee job placement?

No. As a matter of fact, no university guarantees you a job. But given future-forward curriculum from subject matter experts paired with experiential learning and skill building, plus the opportunity to land an apprenticeship for further hands-on learning will make Edstutia students well positioned to score a well-paying, desirable job. And isn’t that the point of getting an education?

How do you ensure students will stay on track and complete the program?

Our Student Success Manager is solely responsible for supporting students to successfully complete modules and the full-time program (if applicable). This is of utmost importance since many people who enroll in online courses never finish. We will proactively address this issue of completion head on by providing that additional encouragement and guidance. We’ve got your back.

Do I need to know how to use Virtual Reality before onboarding at Edstutia?

No. It certainly helps if you are familiar with the interface in VR, but we will provide training for all students to acclimate to the functionality and environment of VR.

What is the size of a typical class?

Edstutia modules will be capped at 25 students to ensure students and instructors are able to build a meaningful relationship. Small classes also enable instructors to offer more personalized learning.

When can I start the full-time program?

New cohorts are onboarded every quarter. We operate on a traditional business calendar vs. an academic calendar so students can start in January, April, July or October.

Why are modules 10 weeks long?

The modules are meant to be intensive. There is no meaningful data that says that higher education is best delivered or consumed through a traditional 15-week term. By condensing learning into 10 weeks, students are able to take breaks in between finishing and starting modules. The flow is 10 weeks on, 3 weeks off. The 3 week breaks will also be used to host events to showcase student achievements, network with potential employers, etc.

Are instructors required to have graduate degrees?

No. Edstutia hires instructors that are subject matter experts and great teachers/mentors. Period. Graduate degrees don’t necessarily equate to great teachers.

How often does the Edstutia curriculum change?

The Academic Advisory Board will meet quarterly to discuss changes and demands in the workplace. Our curriculum can be adapted in real time from one term to the next.

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